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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"...goin' to the chapel and we're
gonna' get married...goin' to the chapel of love..."

I simply love this girl.
She is sunshine.
And oh, how he loves her!
His eyes sparkle when he looks at her.  Really looks at her. :)

I got to travel to Houston to photograph my friend Caroline's wedding to Kyle this last March.
The first thing I noticed in getting off the plane were all the belt buckles and "ya'll's" being thrown around. :) 
No, I was not in Kansas anymore, toto.

And what a wedding it was...Caroline should win an award for the best bride who noticed details without being a bridezilla!
She had monogrammed everything!  Jackets, bags, bridesmaids tanks, mrs. bride...absolute perfection in my eyes!  And her colors were so original to me!  Coral + Navy Blue...fresh and most definitly modern + cool! 

The day started off with Caroline picking me up to photograph her getting her make-up done at "facade".  Probably the most perfect place ever to get your face beautified.  There were mirrors everywhere in the makeup parlor...with little pillows surrounding the vast amounts of brushes, makeup + hair things...just perfect for the bride on the day of her wedding!  The chapel she got married at was at the church where Kyle's dad is a pastor of.  I say "chapel" and it sounds quaint, right?  Nope...this was one of three weddings going on at the same's just that this church is g.i.n.o.r.m.o.u.s.!  And simply beautiful!  Brick everything...LOVED it!
And then the reception was in the coolest tucked away PERFECT reception place...ivy growing on the outside walls, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling...wrought iron fences with water features...peaceful and breathtaking at the same time...I simply LOVED the whole day!  Amazing day, amazing people! :)

Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your Kyle + Caroline and I wish you both the best in your Big State of Texas :)


elizabeth said...

Love love love them. Very creative and just captured such a fun and beautiful day...

Josh said...

great work as always jen! really like the composition/arrangements here - lot's of new things. Well done!

Swatchbook Weddings said...

These look amazing! Great job!!!!

Kate the Great: said...

I love the guys socks....that could win a prize!! Great job!

Jessie & Eric said...

Jen these are so lovely!! The one of the hands is just adorable!

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