glitter in the air...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a little look inside my head.  my life has a soundtrack.  every day.
no lie. :)
for me, music enhances life and is constant - whether it's audible, or not.
so every day I have an active ipod that constantly plays...inside my head.
and in sweet moments, on my radio too :)  that's when I simply smile...because I feel like those moments are presents from God.
I might be crazy...maybe not. 
but for this shoot, there were two songs that were playing in the soundtrack in my head. :)

glitter in the air - by pink :)  and
wildflowers - by tom petty.

this girl glitter.
there's a line in pink's song that asks the questions
"...have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?"...just because it sparkles.
and the other song sings the statement
" belong, in fields of wildflowers..."
and this girl?
she does belong there...beautiful, glittery, free-spirited girl. :)


Kayce Smith said...

I love all these pictures of Kiana...she's so beautiful!! And you are a beautiful photographer Jenn...

elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Seriously my fav...loved them all but my fav 4th and 6th and the last one. Super cool...what a beautiful girl. great photography

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