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Saturday, April 24, 2010

this girl is a seriously cool girl.
um, and she's gorgeous.
aaannd she loves Jesus.  a lot.
plus, she's kinda fierce with that whole lacrosse thing going on.
um yeah...did I mention she gorrrrgeous?! :)
yes, this girl is a seriously cool girl that I was privelaged to shoot (with my camera, of course). :)

and you can guess what was playing on my internal ipod during the shoot...
yes, this girl is seriously that cool. :)

thanks for a fun afternoon Logan! :)

sweet that the last shot of the day happened to be my favorite :)

PSST!  what cha' think of my finished logo?!  been a long process...but it's done! :)


elizabeth said...

LOVE your new logo! Awesome...and what a beautiful photo shoot. My favorite was the one of her far off into the corner...LOVED it.

DESIGNEDbyemily said...

solid set Jen. and the first i noticed was your updated logo - LOVE IT! simple, yet unique and creative.

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