merry christmas!

Monday, December 28, 2009

merry christmas!  kinda late, I guess...but people are still saying maybe they say it until the end of december?

I am currently in northwood, nh on vacation with my family and simply l.o.v.i.n.g. it!  we spent christmas night and the day after in the AMAZING city of boston...seriously one of my most favorite cities so far in my life and can't wait to come back again!  we spent the night in cambridge, rode the "t" all day (seriously genious invention and way easier than driving), ice skated at frog pond in boston commons and then ate amazing food and shopped at quincy market...and now we have moved on to new hampshire to visit with matt's family for the rest of the week...

for me, during this stage of life this thing called rest is typically being with family and being outside of any kind of cellular/internet service is a strange and enjoyable way to spend a week of vacation!

here's a few of my favorite pictures so far!


elizabeth said...

Love Micah trying to eat the snow! Made me laugh!

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