new hampshah :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

that's how they talk here...
new hampshah.  bahstahn.  wicked.
and it makes me smile everytime I hear the's just cool. :)  I asked the public transportation lady to just keep talking cuz' I liked the way she talked.  yeah, it's just cool. :)

we've been staying with my sister-in-law and her husband...totally gracious, hospitable + fun people...even with dawn being nine months pregnant (pic's to come!).  she is nothing like me...I was a total crabby patty when I was that pregnant.  no scatch that...when I was pregnant period. :)
dawn being the ever organized person that she is suggested we make a "to-do" list while we are here on vacation...
snowball fight...check.
see chuck + kathie's new property...check.
dunkin donuts...check.  :)
snowmobiling...gonna be a check soon.
see a moose...probably not gonna happen. another's a goal of mine now. :)
see the atlantic ocean...oh, yes...check!

here's a few snapshots of our adventures so far...people pic's to come! :)

I finally got the squirrel on camera...reminds me a little bit too much of me on vacation...eating entirely too much and too much stuff that I probably shouldn't be eating :)

the next two are of matt's parents new property they are going to build on...simply AHmazing!  we hiked it for about an has beautiful trees, a wicked cool creek running through it and grass lands...I can't wait to come back and visit it! :)

we drove up to the coast and tried to get out.  I say tried b/c it was eighteen degrees with about thirty five mile per hour freaking cold winds.  yes, the weather man said FREAKING cold.  so I got out for about five minutes and had to get back in the car.  I am ashamed to say I am a weiny weinerson.  but it still is gorgeous.  I wondered though, how the seagulls can just stay out and fly around and not drop like giant ice cubes into the atlantic?  do they not get cold?  hmmm...I wonder.


elizabeth said...

The squirrel made me laugh out loud! AWESOME Jen...loved the ocean...jealous of that...but beautiful, beautiful pics...way to go Jen!

Kate the Great: said...

I'm a weeny McWeinerson too when it comes to coldness. Beautiful winter pictures. It's been forever since I've seen a squirel...great shot!

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