santa's littlest elf :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

one of my last shoots before the new year and it still makes me smile when I look at these pictures.

first off, his name is jack.  I LOVE the name jack for a boy.  jack and jill.  jack from hook.  jack sparrow. :) jumping jacks.  jacks the game.  it's just a happy name...a perfect fit for this busy little boy! 

this shoot was for his mom who has been stuck in the hospital with complications awaiting the soon to be arrival in february of her newest little her husband was so thoughtful to gift these pictures to her for a mom, I could not think of a more perfect gift in not being able to see her little man everyday.  needless to say I wanted to make sure I got all the "faces" of her cute little man.  and what a cute little man he is...I simply adore his b.l.u.e. eyes!  his little ears are the thing that make me smile though...when jon put the santa hat on, he looked exactly like a little elf!  super cute! :)

thanks for an amazing shoot jack + jon!


elizabeth said...

NO WAY! Love these...really love the hat on Jack and then with him running away on the track...I started laughing at the one with him reading on the bench...cute idea!

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