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Saturday, December 05, 2009

This beautiful family was an absolute joy to shoot!  Jack, the blonde little man, was in my first preschool class when I taught.  He captured my heart then with his rambuncious, loveable spirit...and it was SO fun getting to see him be this adorable little man three years later!  Dan + Gina are his parents who are classily (is that a word, oh I'm claiming it) raising their three beautiful kids.  Hayden is such a lady!  With her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and amazing conversation skills, I totally see her being class valdictorian someday!  And of course you know about Jack already...he still holds a sweet spot in my heart and I loved the big hug he gave me when I first saw him again...and the fact that he is one of the very few who will continue to call me "mrs. driesbach" :)  Finally there is Kyle...that little boy is going to be trouble someday.  His striking red hair and sincere blue eyes make for the most amazing combination!  And his sweet free spirit was fun to observe for the afternoon!   Thanks so much Dan + Gina!

jack on my sweet new queen anne loveseat!  good thing it matched their color scheme... :)

and one of the final shots of the day...and probably my most favorite...I like the natural light effect and the unfocused naturalness to it...a fun shoot! :)


elizabeth said...

pretty much LOVE all of these but my fav is the one where the little boy is peeking behind his moms legs...

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