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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lessig's are some of my most fun clients.  While they stress out about keeping babies hat's on and keeping little boys in check, I get to watch them live and love and laugh as a family.  It's HARD work keeping two little people under three in check, and clean, and no bumps and bruises AND happy all at the same time.  But Rory and Mary rock it everytime!  And it's fun for me to get to see their kids grow up this way!  The last time I saw Maddie, she was a teeny tiny peanut and now she can sit up on her own and oh, how she loves to smile now!  And Tre is SO turning into a little man and all boy at that!  Loves to run, ride his scooter and is one of the most social little people...totally fine talking to the old people at the end of our shoot!  Thanks again, Rory and Mary for a fun morning!

our super cool location today! :)

even though he's not smiling one of my favorites of the day :)

seriously a sweet, sweet little lady! :)

got him smiling...I win. :)


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