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Sunday, December 06, 2009

in raising kids, I can't decide which is more challenging - boys or girls?

boys are typically rough and tumble, looking for the worm to gross their mom out, coming home with scrapes for trying to jump off that "one" small cliff - just cause it looked like a good idea...but oh, the sweetness of the love of a little boy - something that is indescribable to a mother.

girls on the otherhand can be just as rough and tumble - but maddie is usually the first to quit when it feels like someones feelings might be getting hurt.  and she loves to find the worms the same as micah - she just would be wanting to put it in one of my expensive cups and save it as a pet.  and she is turning out to be just like me in the category of scrapes and bruises.  the extra layer that she has as a girl, I think, is the emotions that run through her like a 13 year old girl from time to time...

so if I had to decide today, I'd say little girls have the edge! ;)

I got to shoot these two beautiful little girls and their parents!  did I mention how b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. they are?!  Cameron is the older one and she is simply FULL of life!  she is like a little sprite flitting from flower to flower (which she LOVED)...and I adored getting to shoot her huge chocolate brown eyes.  And then there was Kate.  I loved getting to watch her love on her mommy in the morning sun...absoltely adorable...and the perfect contrast to Cameron's brown eyes - her adorable blue eyes!

Matt and Danielle have their arms full....literally!  But they do so with ease and was an incredibly fun morning for me...thank you!

daddy's this picture :)


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