illusive peace.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

there are some days when God simply smiles at his kids.  my day was today.  I had two really fun photoshoots in forty degree weather late morning/early afternoon which went well.  it was good to see old friends and do what I love to do.  but then I just started driving past the things that I love from my past and ended up where I was born.  the building is not the same anymore and it's not even a hospital anymore, but they have a walking/woods area that I ventured was an incredibly peaceful place that I truly believe was a present to me from my Father.  I could hear water trickling in a creek and wind blowing throught the trees, the colors of the leaves refreshed my eyes, I smelled wet leaves and heard them crunch at the same time as I walked, the sun warmed my back while the temperature made my nose and hair chilly...and I was alone.  Alone with just me and God.  that has not happened in a long time. 


my dad and I and matt and I talked about seeking this, and God simply reminded me today that it is Him.  slowly down and listening/hearing/smelling Him.  and now I sit in a beautiful, hole in the wall coffee shop (no I don't drink coffee, I just like them) and smile at remembering today.  my God loves me, and I love Him.  today was my present from Him...why He chooses to love me the way He does is something I will never understand...but today I smile and am thankful for His perfect presents.

one of the last bee's, I'm thinking, in 40 degree weather...


Jan Stamm said...

Glorious, glorious fall weather (as we knew it in the midwest)...I'm so glad you had a special "God" moment precious...I know He is always with us...but how rare for any of us to slow down & recognize it...especially when surrounded with the beauty of this earth that He created for us to be refreshed by! Your photographs are gorgeous...I can smell the damp earth, crunchy leaves, crisp air!

Kate the Great: said...

I love all the fall pictures, and the bright orange leaves against the bright blue sky....I think since we both grew up for over 20 years of our life in seasonal weather we'll always feel like that's home....wish we could sit at Pottowatomee park together with some hot chocolate staring at the leaves. Miss you too.

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