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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I loved getting to go out with the maccallum's again...this time with grandparents too! It always amazes me at how big little people get SO fast...Ezra is turning into a little man trying to stand on his own...Topher is TOO handsome and I SO love his hair - rock star in the making...Lora Lai (sp?) has to have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen...takes after her momma...and Drew - ANTM in the making :) Thanks Matt + Lisa again! Too fun!

showing off their model faces :)

this picture frame was TOO fun...Ezra is SUCH a muffin and I love that grandma + mommy are holding his hands!

has to be one of the cutest couples...ever.

the AMAZING grandparents...and very photogenic too :)

Lisa, you could not be any prettier of a woman + mommy! Thanks again so much...we'll go out again sometime, just me and you when it's not so blazing hot! Thank you!


LISA said...

Thank you, Jen! We had a dirty, sweaty blast & as always the pics are beautiful! Cant wait to see the rest! Anytime you want to go out you know Im there! Too much fun!

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