oranges + hairbows :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lessig's are cool. Yup, I said it...Mary is super chill and funky and has the craziest coolest eyes I've seen in a long time. Rory is super dad and likes cool watches + glasses and even wore black in the may blazing sunshine. Tre is ALL boy...I loved getting to watch him run and throw and then run some more and then throw some more...seriously ALL boy...and has a good arm! And Maddie...she is a muffin! Too small to get into the whole smiling thing, but such sweet and small features and m-e-l-l-o-w...and she's already rocking better style then me! Thank you so much for letting me spend a saturday morning with you - SUPER fun :)

sinatra has got nothing on this blue-eyed boy :)

I have a strange obsession with feet...I think they are too cute!

super refreshing to see you guys loving on each other...nice watch rory!

the eyes draw you in...stunning!

anyone can get a smiling baby, but it takes mad talent to get a crying baby...seriously. :)

Thanks again, Lessig's!

picture frames + pecans...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I loved getting to go out with the maccallum's again...this time with grandparents too! It always amazes me at how big little people get SO fast...Ezra is turning into a little man trying to stand on his own...Topher is TOO handsome and I SO love his hair - rock star in the making...Lora Lai (sp?) has to have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen...takes after her momma...and Drew - ANTM in the making :) Thanks Matt + Lisa again! Too fun!

showing off their model faces :)

this picture frame was TOO fun...Ezra is SUCH a muffin and I love that grandma + mommy are holding his hands!

has to be one of the cutest couples...ever.

the AMAZING grandparents...and very photogenic too :)

Lisa, you could not be any prettier of a woman + mommy! Thanks again so much...we'll go out again sometime, just me and you when it's not so blazing hot! Thank you!

oh, to be engaged...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love my brother.
and I think his fiance is pretty cool.
and they have my favorite colors for their wedding.
white. :)
this was a fun shoot and I love them! :)

my favorite shot of the day...made the front of their wedding invitation here

this was the last shot of a series that he watched her come back from changing outfits into her sassy dress...she came right over and smooched his "happy" face :)

kind-of intense...but nostalgic a bit...kind of like that "farmer in the dell" art shot maybe?  whatever it is...I like it :)

love the "tow-away" zone sign behind...

dreamy :)

this one is up there with my favorites...there is a series of these of lindsey looking at josh trying to figure out how to get her thumbs just right, then this one with her "wanna be" bad face and then one of her laughing at herself, and then of josh phsishing her cause' he thinks he's cool :) cute series of pics...

oh yes, he is King of that dumpster ;)

another her heels in this one...

ah, my all time favorite...kind-of a cool effect and I like just the green on her belt...

that's it for you both!

sneak peek of josh + lindsey

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I had an amazing shoot with josh + lindsey...and I'm super excited to post the rest once they're done...soon!