this family :)

Monday, December 05, 2011

ahhhh, this family.
when I first met him it was summer camp eleven years ago at dinner before the students arrived.
all the seats had been taken except for the one next to him...him, who I did not know...
him, who had been the captain of asu's baseball team...
and him, who had a fisherman's hat on.  :)
little did I know it was one of my most favorite pre-camp moments...he's a great conversationalist.
made me feel the least like "the only girl" in a group of all guys.
and what was normally a night of me listening to conversation ended up being a super fun night FULL of conversation.
to see him now as part of a pastoral leadership team at our church literally only makes sense.
God's hand is heavy on him and his family and he engages everyone he comes in contact with...
very cool to sit back and watch.
and her?  she has her mother's way about her.
the kind of way that just oozes graciousness with and underlying smidge of dry wit.
kind of what I imagine jackie o. would have been like...
she's amazing with her three kids and to be honest she just fascinates me. :)
and her kids?
they have become could they not?!
each with distinct and unique personalities that somehow work perfectly with this family.
the oldest is going to be like his dad and grandpa...articulate, funny and a good mix of all boy and gentleman.
the middle makes me laugh.  hard.  he's fearless.  he's competitive.
he's loves to love his little sister and wrestle with his brother.
I can't WAIT to see how he turns out. :)
and then the littlest one...oh, how she lights up when she smiles and chats away at the world...
she is pure sunshine!

bonus!  the cousins showed up...these girls are TOO stinking cute!  and auntie sarah saved the day providing toys to shake and rattle and make smiles happen all the way to the end of the session!  :)

I couldn't have done this session with out my good friend kiersten...who just happens to co-own liberty market and who just happened to have presents for the boys (their famous cinnamon rolls as big as his head!) for doing such a fabulous job at being happy the whole session!  thank you kiersten! :)


Linny Jane Vintage said...

so sweet Jen! Love the couch and the family. Those kids are too cute;)

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