best job ever. :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

some sessions you have to pinch yourself as a photographer.
cute baby + barbie/ken look-a-likes + perfect fall weather = best. job. ever. :)
liam has the sweetest personality - much like his's incredible to see how much he's grown since here!
loving to smile at the camera, drooling in the most adorable way and his little rolls are simply TOO cute!
(don't you wish you could say that as a grown up?!) :)
and his parents are witty, classy and gorgeous people inside and out...I just love them and this session! :)

wardrobe change...who doesn't love a naked baby?! :)


elizabeth said...

HAHAHA I'm laughing at the sweetest picture EVER of the cutest boy...loved his picture with his fingers in his mouth. And the shot of the parents about to my breath away. Awesome session Jen! Keep rockin it. :)

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