someone to admire.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

write something on your favorite social media board on politics, sports, or God
and you're almost sure to get a response of agreement or hostile disagreement.
try it and see if I'm not wrong. :)
they're subjects that most feel pretty heated about.
and it's not a secret that I'm not without opinion as well.
I suppose that is why this session was genuinely a privelage for me to photograph.
her son was going to be deployed a few days after thanksgiving and she wanted a few nice pictures to capture her family.
my schedule was already full, and I could have just forgotten about it.
but I couldn't.  I wanted this session.
because he's a soldier.  her son is a marine.
I admire him.  and what he's doing for us back in the safety of our home.
and what's more is that I admire her.
literally watching your heart get on a plane and go to an unknown country and fight for what so few are willing to fight for...and then to wait to hear snippets of news on his well being would be one of the most difficult things to do as a mom.
so I admire her.
and I am genuinely thankful I got to photograph these beautiful people.  :)


Linny Jane Vintage said...

awesome shots jen:) This family will treasure these forever! Love the one of the mom kissing the sweet.

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