happy birthday

Saturday, December 10, 2011

one hundred and eighty two days is how long I've been procrastinating at this post.
but it would have been his 1st birthday today.  and it seems fitting that today is the day.

I did this session back in may as a surpise for his mommy.
her life reminded me of mine nine years ago and my heart went out to her.
I watched her juggle her stroller, diaper bag, toys, snacks, a toddler and a newborn during the HOT arizona spring
and my heart literally ached for her.
those of you who are mommies get it...its just a lot to try and keep your sanity most days.
one day talking to her mom and my close friend, God put it on my heart that she needed pictures of her babies.
so faith and I set up her backyard and I snapped a few in their spiffy clothes as a surprise for her and her husband.
looking back I wished I had spent more time on it...wished I had taken just a few more.
but God knew.  and He is good.

cooper went to be in the arms of Jesus on June 11th, 2011.
there are no more tears there.
there is no pain.
just running and playing and celebrating his first birthday with the best Father any kid could ask for.

today, I am praying for his mommy and daddy.
and so terribly thankful that I got to spend a beautiful afternoon with their two beautiful kids.


PIXbyemily said...

beautiful Jen. HE KNEW & HE CARES.

Linny Jane Vintage said...

beautiful pics and post. Love hearing how God was working to prepare the family for this - I know these pictures meant a lot to them!

1st birthday photo invitations said...

Lovely kids!

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