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Thursday, December 08, 2011

I love that throughout life there are people who God lays in your path that although they aren't related family
they somehow fall into an entirely fitting category of "family family".
these people are some of those people who fall into that category in matt's & my life.

she is someone I admire a lot.
she tends to fly under the radar with her wit and servants heart...
she's helping raise two boys with that have the rare quality of character
and it speaks volumes about her own character and heart. :)
he is someone you can't help but smile with and listen to.
he is literally a friend to everyone.
especially to my family.
always looking for a meaningful conversation and has the best God stories to listen to. :)
and these boys?
they are boys who my son has quietly watched and tried to mimic for a while now.
(in a most non-stalkerish-non-creepy kind of way...he loves their style - swagger if you will and their love for all things spongebob square pants) :)
I happily encourage his non-stalking...these are guys that aren't just "cool", they're worth stalking.
guys with character.  rare to find in a world that says it isn't worth it.


Linny Jane Vintage said...

I love this family too!!! Tonia looks BEAUTIFUL:)

PIXbyemily said...

seriously love this set. one of my favs from you Jen. the creativity is just oozing from them and YOU.

elizabeth said...


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