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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

typing.  then erasing.  then typing again. *sigh*
I was told that sometimes it feels like I "load it up" in the compliments department.
I think I disagree.
"loading it up" implies that I don't really feel what I'm saying about the person...quite the opposite really.
how do you put into words the feeling that your heart is super big for someone without "loading it up"?
I dunno, but that's how I feel about these people.
I feel like I have a pretty good gauge on who I am and my inner guts,
and that often makes me sit back often and wonder why I am so blessed with the people I get to love.
and what's more, that I get to photograph them and somehow try and capture what it is that I see and love.

I've written about her before, but it just feels like the longer we do life together, the more I just love her.
she is my confidant when I feel like I'm going to explode with thoughts.
she is kind and gracious...quite the opposite of my spazziness.
many times I walk away after a conversation where I verbally vomit all over her thinking "you. are. a. spaz." and come to the conclusion that I have no idea why she loves me.
but she does.  and I am better for it. :)
she's hardworking and thinks about life and responds to life in a way that I love and admire and learn from.
and she loves her husband and handsome boy tremendously.
and him?  he is a forever friend.
the kind of friend who's on your speed dial for emergencies when my husband is unavailable.  :)
the kind of friend that I can show up with no makeup on or my hair done and not feel weird about it.
the kind of friend who is genuinely a great husband and dad and friend to the people I love. :)
and the boy. :)
micah & maddie are knit to this little man.
in someways the relationship my son has with him reminds me of the relationship I have with her.
two totally different ways of seeing and doing life that somehow work well together. :)
I love his "jump first - ask later" attitude...his ability to have fun in almost every situation.
and I love that he likes to talk to me and tell me his stories.

so in conclusion, if that is "loading it up" too much, I am sorry.
they are worth talking about and loving on. :)

yeah, he has the coolest "no shave november" look.  he wins. :)


Linny Jane Vintage said...

Love the Jonas thug life picture....cracks me up:) FUN shoot - Ronda looks amazing!

elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh...BEAUTIFUL. Can I say that more than once...because...that first shot took my breath away. Beautiful session Jen. And loading it up...peeps who complain about how you load it up are regretting that they aren't on you list of encouragement. You rock at writing and photography...

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