it's my pleasure. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

it started because of a moment.
and the knowledge that moments are fleeting.

so I am not giving one, I am giving three.
because I can. :)

rebecca nelson.
I don't know this girl, but I already like her.
she prayed...something that to the world is un-important, but to her it was...and He answered.

and I get to photograph this girl. :)

the klontz'.
she's a wife to a man that I admire.  she's an incredible friend to people I love dearly.
and she is a mommy of one and one more to be.

and I get to photograph this incredible family.

the zehrings.
the night it happened I sat on a stairwell with my friend and saw her heart on her face while she held marleigh.
it was a moment that for me will forever be etched in my head as a moment to remember.
she is a beautiful mommy.
she is a beautiful wife.

and I get to photograph this lady and her beautiful family.

my very close friend always tells me "it's my pleasure" when I ask a favor of her.
not like the chik-fil-et people who HAVE to say it. :)
she means it.
every time.

so to the winners I say "it's my pleasure."
and to all of you who let me know that these three people/families should have a session...

thank you.


PIXbyemily said...

i am SO excited for these families to be blessed by your amazing gift. and equally excited to read about God blessing you and filling your open hands with more than you can hold. ...i can see light dancing & flickering happy...

Anonymous said...

When you truly do get to meet and know Becca, you will truly see God's love and grace in such a young girl. Thankyou for this wonderful gift you are giving her! I can't wait to see them!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca is a beautiful girl that I am very proud to be her Grandmother. I believe you will truly see a great young lady of God when you meet her.

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