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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"can I come with?" my friend kristy asked me...
totally, just make sure you wear running shoes!
"running shoes?  why?"
because this boy?  he was made to run!
which isn't suprising considering his uber athletic parents...
yup, I was super happy to get to spend time with these friends of mine...
but even more happy because I finally got to see and love on their newest arrival!
and just like his older brother did a few years ago...he absolutely stole my could he not with his ginormous chocolate eyes and sweet chill personality?!
thanks, ricc & holly!  can't WAIT for your next session! :)


Kathe said...

I miss seeing these faces! :( Jen...amazing...again! I LOVE the serious one of Noah! LOVE it! Okay...I really love them all, but I super love that one! :) Also love the one of them together with the cute little sly smile!

Caroline and Kyle said...

What a beautiful family!!! Miss all of you!!!

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