the book of love - wedding - scottsdale, arizona

Monday, August 01, 2011

someone once said that:
"for every situation, there is a suitable line from a song..."
and I believe it to be true.

and their song?
their most beautiful song?
their song they danced to for the first time was peter gabriel's "the book of love".
in that moment, time stood still and it simply took your breath away.

the whole day did really.
and not just because of "Sassi"'s gorgeous picturesque setting...
and not just because of how unbelievably stunning she is...
and not just because of how his eyes shone when he looked in her direction throughout the day...

no, that particular moment took your breath away simply because it was the culmination of the entire day of getting to witness the overabundance of love the two of them shared together.
and mr. gabriel's song?
well, that only enhanced what was simply a pleasure to be seen in living color...


elizabeth said...

JEN!!!!!! SO captured their day with your unique artistic flare. And you caught so much emotion...what a beautiful day. :) AWESOME!

PIXbyemily said...

beautiful set jen. some super fun and unique shots. p.s. the book of love is one of my favs. i heart peter gabriel.

Baylee said...

Who did the flowers for this?

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