just because.

Friday, July 29, 2011

"happy girls are the prettiest girls."
                                                                         audrey hepburn

one of the benefits of having a boy AND a girl is getting to love on each of them in a unique and different way.
this week it was the girls turn for a "just because" tea party.

on the agenda?
dress up with make-up and glitter hair spray,
pink lemonade "tea" with grandma's very adorable & very pinteresting owl cupcakes,
princess crown shortcake and "acorns",
pink paper owl craft,
a fashion show set to "the hamster dance song" and "firework" ala ms. perry,
and because it's maddie...be done with the girly stuff, get your play clothes on and play out side with the boy...which ended up being super cool cause we found a hummingbird egg!

a super fun afternoon...just because. :)


janet said...

Awwww....such sweetness! Looks like a lovely time for all the little princesses...so fun to see...thanks for posting!

elizabeth said...

SO adorable! What a cool party...and those cupcakes...seriously, they were cute! Give Mad a squeeze from her Aunt Betz!

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