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Thursday, June 30, 2011

you might remember that I've written in the past about them here.
and for something that is as big a part of my life, I don't write about them as often as I should.
when I asked them what their gifts were a couple months ago, amber reminded me that they like to hear what I think of them. :)

so.  along with our random tradition of giving each other power animals
(I know, strange.  but it's kinda cool....what kind of animal would you be if you could be?
c'mon, you're not that cool...you know you've thought about it.) :)
we also started a new tradition this year at summer camp double uno...
instead of just the gross ice cream head, fish eating, flour blowing pictures,
I wanted to make an effort to take "pretty pictures" of them.
so we did. :)

and the thing I love about them, is that not only are all of them gorgeous and unique;
but their insides?  the insides that typically are kept on lock down...
their insides are becoming more and more transparent and more and more beautiful as they learn to love each other
and try to encourage each other to look & act more and more like Jesus.

I love each of them.  really, I do.
I genuinely missed being with them last night and hearing about their lives.
they are treasures to me...just the same as the girls that have moved on.
it is an absolute joy and blessing to get to be a part of their lives.

since it's her birthday today (happy birthday AGAIN!) I'll start with her...
did you know she has a power animal?  no?  well, she does.  we gave it to her.  and it fits.  perfectly.
she's a labrador.  ha, I know...you just snort laughed.  but it's true. :)
I've known her since she was a teeny tiny smacky seventh grader...and you know what?
she still is a smacky girl, but she has also turned into one of the most fun loving, faithful to a fault people I know.
I'm fairly certain that I have never had a boring time hanging out with her...good or bad.
which is a good thing. :)
and the things I pray for her?
that she would "be still and know that HE is God."
and to love Him someday with all her heart, mind and strength...which she has a lot of.
she will...I know in my heart that she will.  someday.  I just want to be there when it happens.  :)
and another little know fact?
she LOVES when I use smiley faces.  which is practically like never...
good thing I keep my creepy smiles to a minimum.

then there's this girl.  you might remember her from here...she's gorgeous and hard to forget. :)
she literally is sunshine.
her smile in infectious and she has an unbelievable gift for finding good in the things and people around her.
her power animal of squirrel cracks me up...it fits somehow, but I'm not exactly sure why.  :)
the thing I love about her lately is not only her dry-fly-under-the-radar-mostly-directed-at-amber wit ;)
but her ability to see truth and crave genuine faith....it's beautiful to get to witness.
I pray often that her faith will continue to grow and that the strength God has given her will allow her to not be moved.

this is my flower. :)
no really, that's her power animal...flower from bambi.

she is someone I genuinely admire.
she never ceases to amaze me at her ability to call things as they are and also see through things at warp speed.
I always tell her I love the fact that she's black and white about life (thus the skunk correlation).
and she is, when she's being honest with herself.
I pray most often for her...don't know why, but I do...maybe cause I've loved her the longest out of all the girls.
but I pray that she would let Him love her and find freedom in that.and she's pretty kind & thoughtful too...
I love that my own maddie has always loved her and admired her and even prayed for her...it's a cool relationship for my mad to have.  and she still loves the hello kitty earrings "flower" got her for her birthday. :)
yes, she really is one cool chick. :) 

this girl is a newbie this year to my group...but I like her heart already.
she is our brown bear...and it most definitely fits.
she cares tremendously about the girls around her and genuinely tries to bless them with the wisdom He has given her...a rare beautiful attribute.  I pray God would keep pride far from her and that she would never "grow weary of doing good". :)

then there is this lovely lady.
and lady she is.  she will forever be close to my heart.  really. :)
and the power animal dolphin fits...just don't ask her to try and talk like a dolphin...unless you want to spend the next half hour laughing until your sides hurt...it's painfully hilarious!
I've done staff for student ministries since I was seventeen and honestly I have never got to witness God's refinement in such a soft beautiful way as He has done with this girl.
her softness and teachableness only make her more stunning...which He has already made the outside this!
she is one of the unique ones who seeks me out...not only for advice, but for friendship and I absolutely treasure this in her...I love her.  plain and simple. :)  I pray she would continue to trust in the path that He's given her, even when she's not certain in the next step.  and that the beauty that radiates from the inside will only grow.

ah, Bambi.
yup, that's her power animal. :)
she also is a newbie to the group and quite honestly?  she surprised me.
surprised me with her honesty and depth.  so not only could she be a look alike for Selena Gomez...but I seriously can't wait to get to know even more pieces of her as she fits into our group...

then there's this girl.  she is an absolute treasure.
and our sugar glider. :)  click here if you've never heard of one...they're pretty cool and it fits her. :)
I love that she has no fear of being absolutely transparent...even though I'm pretty sure that that is SUPER hard for her.  she's hilariously ocd in the most adorable way, a serious hard worker and honestly is an absolute treasure to be around!

she might be a newbie to the group...but I think I already really dig her.
not only does she look and talk like my ruckus niece but her power animal is awesome.
a mole.
yup, pure awesomeness.  she SO doesn't look like one, so let me explain...
and I'm SO laughing all by myself imagining her cringing at this! :)
but I think I know her, she'll own it by the time she's a senior! ;)
the main reason behind her power animal is because she had these wicked cool sunglasses and she wasn't too excited about the sun...thus, the mole. :)  but already I like this girl...she's happy, pretty perceptive and just enjoyable to be around.  I pray that God would grow her and make His character the most important to her. :)

this girl has overcome a ton in her life and I love that about her...
she funny and sassy and loves to laugh and if she would let God, I'm sure he will do MUCH with her!
plus, I got to see her power animal in action...koala bears can hang on TIGHT to things and she had to hang on tight when amber was pushing her around the. entire. track. at sc11...super hilarious. :)

the last girl I have a "pretty picture"...only because I couldn't find all the other girls...
yes, she is near and dear to my heart.
she's quirky, sweet, crazy, funny, able to laugh at herself, and has sassy eyeballs.  yes, I said eyeballs. :)
so the power animal of flamingo fits.  tremendously fits.  and yes, I'm laughing again.  by myself. :)
but more importantly, she loves Jesus a ton.
I know.  I KNOW God is going to use her in a big way and I pray often that she would let "to whom much has been given, much is expected" resonate in her heart.  I love her.  a ton, in fact. :)

yup.  these are my girls...and their power animals...I'll write about our lioness, cheetarah, leopard, marie from aristocats, the chipmunk from over the hedge, and all the other crazy cool animal girls in my group another day...but for now?

now, I smile and feel blessed. :)


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