the gift of laughter. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I can honestly say I have not laughed harder or longer at one client's session.
seriously. :)
and if there was ever a gift of laughter...these two would have it.
the witty banter that the two of them kept up the entire session still makes me smile. :)
these two aren't just amusing, they are MY people.
I'm not related to them...we don't have the same blood...but I grew up with them.
they're from my home town.
they're from my roots.
they knew me when I had four inch glasses and still loved me...
my people. :)
after not having seen them for fifteen years,
it was an absolute pleasure to "get to" capture this season of life for them...
their boys have all grown up now, they're getting to travel...super fun, people. :)
my favorite part?  they're still the same people I knew and loved fifteen years ago.


elizabeth said...

awesome! Love! :)

janet said...

Love these! It was a treat for all of us to see them again...hope next visit is sooner rather than later...:) I keep forgetting to tell Josh that Mike can still make a perfect "Predator" noise...creepy...and I didn't even see the movie!

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