Monday, January 24, 2011

one of my most favorite things is the sound of wind.
I find myself associating the gentle whoosh of soft wind with tall "almost touch the sky" pine trees.
the sound is quite distinct...almost like the ocean, but gentler somehow.
      in order to hear it you can't walk.
              you can't talk.
                       you almost don't want to breathe.
                                                                             it's almost like it's whispering.

                can you hear it?

this weekend I got to go up north with eleven girls.  really there were around 500 people there.
but for me, it was me and these eleven girls.
you've heard me talk about these girls here.
I love them.  and for no other reason than because He loved me.

the week leading up to this weekend has been somewhat strange.
I got a message from one of "my girls" from ten years ago...
a message from one of my girls who I loved and still love deeply.
a message from one of my girls who landed on a much different path than mine.

her simple message restored my hope heading into this weekend.
hope that I didn't even know had been lost.

fast forward to this weekend.
me and these eleven girls.
the eleventh girl really isn't even a girl anymore.  she's a lovely woman.
a woman who is living grace and a walking proof of persitant prayer.  yes.  I love her.
the other ten challenge me and grow me in more ways than I think I even know yet.
they sharpen me.  they challenge me.  and I love them.
why?  because He has loved me much.

the verses that were whispered to me as a gift are still resonating in my head.

"...but there is one thing I remember,
                   and remembering I keep a grip on hope:

      God's love could not have run out.
         His merciful love could not have dried up.

    they are created new every morning. how great is Your faithfulness...
         (I'm sticking with God. I say it over and over again.)  He's all I've got left.

God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits.
    to the woman who diligently seeks.
        it's a good thing to quietly hope.  quietly hope for help from God.
            it's a good thing when you are young to stick it out through the hard times.

when life is heavy and hard to take,              go off by yourself.
                                                                      enter the silence.
                                                                          bow in prayer.
                                                                             don't ask questions.
                                                                                 wait. for. hope. to. appear.
                                                                            don't run from trouble.
                                                                        take it full face.
                                                                   the "worst" is never the worst.

why?          because the Master won't ever walk out and fail to return.

these words restored my soul this weekend...
    and I was reminded that I have been gifted eleven lovely girls...
        and a simple seed of hope.  :)


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