wide open spaces

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am convinced that little people (and puppies) need wide open spaces sometimes.
wide open spaces to run, play, explore, laugh, bumble on
and just be allowed to run and play as they please with out fear of getting hurt.
joe's farm was just the place for this very busy boy.

you might remember sarah from this post and this session was of her, her beautiful son
and her brand new adorable puppy reese...
thank you again sarah for such a beautiful session!


Wendy said...

I can't get enough of your pictures :) I LOVE THEM!!!!!

These are awesome...next time, we MUST include our IVY!!!!

Thank you for capturing the moment's in life that we don't ever want to forgtet.

elizabeth said...

Love! Sarah is so beautiful!

Kate the Great: said...

I love the John Deere shot! Cute shots with Sarah and her little man.

Mary said...

Jen-are you and/or Betz coming out to IL anytime in the near future? Whenever you guys do come out this way, if you have time I'd love to book a shoot for me and Riley.

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