the littlest USC fan :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

this family was simply a pleasure to meet and hang out with for the afternoon!
he is a busy pastor at a church in indiana and she is b.u.s.y. mom to these three beautiful kids!
with the crisp fall air and beautiful leaves to walk through, this was a visually spectacular
session to have been able to photograph!
thank you again lettermans! :)

and because he was just TOO cute in his USC shirt...I might one of the few who thinks a crying baby (who is not mine) ;) is his alligator tears!  I think he just might be crying because he wishes he was a buckeye fan?  ;)


elizabeth said...

Crazy love the individual shots of the kids...especially the girl with the flower in her hair. The angle...loved it! Awesome!

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