beets. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I took a break today.  and I didn't feel guilty...well, okay maybe a smidge...when do I not? :)
but today.  today I got to hang out with two of my good friends and a plot of dirt.
yup.  dirt. :)
today I was a gardener...this may sound silly to those of you who read this who live in any place other than arizona...but it's planting season here.
yup.  planting season.  in the end of october.  craziness, I know. :)
you see, my friends are the proud owners of a community gardening plot in agritopia.
dave is the chef at liberty and I am so excited to see what amazing dishes he creates using vegetables that he's grown from seed to plate!  crazy fresh...he even swears I will like beets...beets?  beets.  we'll see... :)


Andrea said...

Yay! Vanessa and I share a plot right next to LM's... maybe we'll see you there someday :)

kiersten said...

YEAH for our garden....ok, our 1/2 a row....but YEAH anyhow! Fun to do with you!!!

Kate the Great: said...

I was going to tell you that you can come take my grasses any time soon too!! I love this season.

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