Monday, September 13, 2010

here's another tid-bit about me (yup.  I did just say tid-bit....tid-bit, tid-bit, tid-bit.)
I like to be artsy sometimes.  I know.  shocker. :)
right now, the type of art I am SO into is typography.
taking ordinary letters and using negative space and then making it oh, so much cooler.

I counted how many fonts I have...and guess how many.
you won't be able to...
1734.  yup.  that's nuts.  and I know it. ;)
but not all fonts are on my "cool" list...
scriptina, comic sans and the king and queen font are on the top of my
"please, will someone banish these forever." list
(I'm sorry if they're your favorites.  I just don't like them anymore.  just my opinion!)
but I just love letters right now.  I know.  I am a spaz.  it's true. :)

here's a glimpse at some of the examples I'm obsessing over right now. :)


angela said...

This made me smile. I have a good friend who's an artist/graphic designer, and he complains all the time about a specific font he is sick of. Of course now I don't remember it, but I am pretty sure it starts with a P.

jen said...

probably papyrus...that's up there on my list too :)

elizabeth said...

Ha! I love that last pic...and I am now a font snob because of you. Nice...I had no idea font could be so cool.

Hal said...

Great perspective on graphics, love the "yes!"

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