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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm happy today.
I even wore a skirt...makes me feel girly-er.  cuz' it swishes when I walk. :)
no deep thoughts today...just some of my favorite things right now in no particular order...

my garden.
I know it's august...but I want to try and grow pumpkins.  and tomato's.  and cucumbers, lettuce, italian basil + chives.  it makes me feel domestic...and earthy. :)  and now I want these garden markers for my garden made by an etsian named Cambri Rae .  yup, I really do. :)

my ipod shuffle.
if you follow me personally on facebook you know that I like to think I can dance.  (I seriously, can not.)  but inside...oh, inside...I am fergie from the black-eyed pea's...I am beyonce...I am shakira with amazingly rhythimic hips...I am...not me. :)  but I recentlly updated my shuffle with some of my favorite songs...what am I listening to?  well, it's mostly music that has a decent BPM so that I work harder on the eliptical...sorry, if it's not your cup of tea...but I simply LOVE my mix right now! :)
shakira - gypsy
justin bieber (don't judge.)/usher - somebody to love
farmer's daughter - rodney atkins
say hey - michael franti
bleeding love - leona lewis
king of anything - sarah bareillis
one day - hans zimmer (it makes me chill up everytime...just beautiful!)

heritage makers.
my mom is an independant personal publishing consultant for this company and I just got back two of the books I'd been working on...I simply LOVE them.  more to come on this another post, but this company is just one of my favorites right now!  oprah got it right on this company! (and I'm not even a huge fan of hers!) :)

I just love them...well displayed tidbits (yes, I said tid-bits) of information that get you excited about a company's products...especially if they're visually interesting...thinking about doing one four times a year...but wondering if there would be anyone else that was interested...email me your address if you'd like to be added to this list...I'm going to be posting a fillable form on the blog with questions on what you'd like to see in my newsletter...but for now I like the way this one looks...think I might run with this idea! :)

inspiring quotes.
I took this photo while visiting downtown Geneva, IL this summer in the store my friend owns + runs - "Cocoon" and I just really liked this quote!

last but not least...

the holidays.
photoshoots with babies wearing santa hats.
whipped pumpkin candles.
scarves...lots of knit scarves.
ornament parties.
egg nog.
being thankful for friends and families.
holiday cards.
oh, yes.  they're coming! :)
here's a sneak peek of what's going to be announced in the next two weeks!
merry christmas and have a great weekend! :)


DESIGNEDbyemily said...

knock knock! its me (i know you are surprised huh?) the more i read of your blog the more i think we need to sit down, liberty cafe style, and enjoy some iced java beverages and just chat. L O V E the new Holiday Cards - so 'Kreative'. I for sure would sign up for your quarterly newsletter. and oh the hours i've spent (almost equally) on etsy shopping and practicing being a gardner. I currently am failing at sunflowers 101, but they had a good run. We just moved our pumpkin plant outside, and are praying for it to continue on strong...and we are debating what to do with our avacado and orange trees. Thanks for being YOU and sharing it with us...whoever we are!

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