Tuesday, August 31, 2010

three words for you...
chicago. hot. dog.
yes, I know I'm a dork...but this is my SO non-important attempt at being photo journalistic.  I know I could have picked a more "hot" topic like sickness or disease or of some great place that I've traveled to.  all of these topic's are important and I've seen great photography works done on these subjects!

but to be honest?

this IS a great place I have traveled.
once you move west of the mississippi, the fine art of creating the perfect chicago dog
(in this chicago-an native's opinion) is completely lost.
no.  there is no ketchup on this dog.
yes.  you must have poppyseeds on your bun.
no.  you can not have sweet relish on this dog, it must be dill.
and yes.  the finishing touch is celery salt.  it's like icing on the cake.  :)

and this great place that I have traveled to get the most perfect chicago dog?
none other than the almighty portillo's.  originated in IL - and perfected in IL.
(although you can order from anywhere...someday for my birthday!) :)
the atmosphere is old school and somewhat kitschy...but I love it...
it simply adds to the awesomeness and originality of the place.

this is the hot dog stand I grew up going to as a kid with my dad...
and now take my kids to as a (somewhat) grownup.



Dawn said...

oooh this is soooo cool! love it!

AshleyPugh said...

I love it!!! Very cool Very Classic!

Zlatina said...

I really like it - love the colors and the processing and the whole collection.

Rachel said...

I love this collage - the whole thing has a great classic feel and the middle shot is a perfect focal point!

Kate the Great: said...

I love this place...they so need to bring them here in AZ. I'd eat there every day.

Becca said...

very cool! I love it :-)

Tina Penn said...

Great story, great feel!

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