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Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's not a secret that I like antique stores... didn't know that?!
well, then yes...I most definitely DO!

but not simply for the sake of having an entire house full of antiques...
although that might be kinda cool.

no, my love affair with antiques began when I started working at liberty market.
my friends dave & kiersten, who happen to be owners of LM :)
are amazing at taking something old (an antique) and putting a modern spin on it.
their restaurant and house are full of these amazing details...

an old gasoline price stand in bright yellow is the house marker for their home...
they use single strung edison light bulbs hung from the rafters...
old steel packing crates are re-crafted to be bar stools throughout the restaurant...
in my office upstairs at LM, my desk is an old lit drafting table that even works!
and early in our friendship, they gifted me an old (working) maytag washer that has
now become my outside drink cooler!

needless to say, I LOVE walking through antique stores now...looking with the intent to make something really old, look really new with a funky, modern twist!
I have an antique claw foot loveseat that I originally loved...but it's kinda too heavy to lug to shoots...
so I'll be selling that one...($100 if you're interested...just email me!)
and a dream of mine is to someday find an antique fainting couch and re-cover it in a zebra print.
yes.  I know I'm crazy. :)

but the other day I did find a really cool antique wood carved chair...for $5 BUCKS!
I know!!! *insert craig fergusen accent*
I simply love the hand carved flower details...just a really cool chair! :)
and it was cool in with the kinda dark wood detail but it seemed kinda of tired - the chair, that is. :)
plus, I've been on a red kick WHALLA!  instant personality for the chair! :)

five bucks + a four dollar can of candy apple red spray paint = super happy jen!

you just might find it's first appearance in my shoot with a very pretty young lady this friday! :)


DESIGNEDbyemily said...

L O V E this post. my mom is visiting this week and Saturday is our 'antique day'. I get so lost in the life that an item once lived...the family it served...and then the excitement of adopting it for decor in my house or even better, upcycling it and giving it a new purpose! reminds me of the Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Check out my friend's blog she has a gift for this. can't wait to see the chair serving you on your next shoot. ;D

elizabeth said...

Love love love love love love...did I mention that I LOVE this chair. 5 bucks! Seriously...that rocks the house.

Lindsey said...

Um....we all need to go antiquing when Bets is here in November!! I think that would be great fun. Then we can have a spray painting party:) I can't believe I married into a family that loves spray paint as much as I do. Lucky me!

kiersten said...

You're so sweet! Thank goodness David likes older things with a modern twist....somedays the restaurant makes me feel like an antique myself!!! :) LOVE the red. It's my favorite bright color and it's not only because I'm a NE Cornhusker! Can't wait to see the pictures! need to do a really cool WINTER shoot in the show with the red chair...ok, in 6 a different state...Montana???

Danipopo said...

AWWWW oh my word JEN! this chair is amazing!!!!! we are repainting my room with a pale blue or a turquoise ( we can't decide yet) BUT I am doing red accents in my room....meaning I LOVE this chair. Not to mention my love for antique shopping :D great find with such a great deal!

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