but. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am home.
and trying to get back into the flow of my life.
you know, the
kind-of a flow. :)

but. :)  (I love "but's".) :)
I can pause tonight remember and smile at these beautiful,
fun-loving kids that I simply loved getting to know!
mckenna is the daughter of one of my school age friends.
strange to think of him as a parent now.  but he is...I guess that makes us grown-ups?! :)
he has raised a seriously cool little girl so far and I loved the hugs she so freely gave during this shoot!
her cousins aren't bad to look at or hang with either!
kirsten is a future m.i.t.m. (model in the making)...gorgeous and fun-loving!
and ben reminded me of my own boy - all boy and "tolerating" me throughout the shoot very nicely ;)

thanks again karen and jill for making this such an amazing shoot!


elizabeth said...

So fun! I love the angles you chose. Beautiful! And I really love the pic of her smelling the flowers...really beautiful session!

Anonymous said...

We thank YOU !! It was so fun for all of us and the pics are amazing.
Might have to work a shoot in for October with the dogs in our backyard or Jill's ???
Take care -- keep in touch -- will be looking at your website to follow what you've been up to!
xo K. PS: YES - you and my son are officially "grown-ups" now! haha

Anonymous said...

it was soooooo fun

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