super duper awesome uphill wonderful challenging fun crazy week!

Friday, January 08, 2010

yeah.  it's been one of "those" weeks.  no, not one of "those" weeks...but one of "those" weeks! :) 
since the conception of 2010 I have literally been running.

in the wee hours of the morning of january 1st I was running in boston to catch my flight home to phoenix in order to shoot a wedding with my amazing sister, yess (that's what I get to call her cause' I've know her for thirty years ;) ) of elizabeth ann photography on saturday january 2nd (pic's coming soon!). 

then on the 3rd I was running back to airport to pick up my amazing family and then back to running to church to practice and get ready for sunday 46 (matt and I play worship music w/ tim, joel, jed + ben every sunday for our evening services). 

THEN on the 4th I ever-so-wisely :) scheduled two more shoots back to back while trying to get on top of  work at the amazing liberty market (which I'm not sure if it counts as work when you work for one of your closest friends!).

to top off my "super duper awesome uphill wonderful challenging fun crazy week" I finished up an art gallery job for a good friend who I suppose technically owns kovach, inc. since he is stephen kovach the fifth.  I often wondered on this project what it would feel like to be a "fifth" or "v" if you will :)  (I'm pretty sure God didn't make me a fifth b/c I would be the nerdy one saying 'oh, you can just call me "v"' :)  he's a super cool guy w/ a TON of responsibility who asked me if I would edit and enlarge a lot of the job site photo's that he had taken in the style that I edit for kreatid.  of course I was ecstatic and had entirely too much fun making over 52 pieces of art for their new offices!  I felt like asking him a few times "do you know who I am?  I'm jenny stamm.  the little girl who wore bifoculs.  and the grown up who is having entirely too much fun at her "job"."  but I refrained and was really pleased with the outcome...I highly recommend enlarging your photo's for art...super personal and super cool!

all this to say...I AM SO THANKFUL and happy this week! 
has kreatid been challenging?  yes. 
have I felt overwhelmed in moments? yes...
but do I love all this?  oh, YES!

yes.  that is me.
and yes. my christmas decorations are STILL up. :)


elizabeth said...

Thats awesome Jen! Made me the throw back pic of the bifocals...Hope this next week is a super duper awesome straight and easy relaxing fun week for you.

janet said...

Keep running while you have the energy...but schedule in a break or two! LOVE the old ornament with little you in there...squeezed my heart!

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