boys times three :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

when stephanie approached me to take pictures of her boys I was super excited and slightly astonished...mostly because she scheduled her appointment only a week after her delivery date.

a week?  oh yes, a week.

two things about that...
one, she is the coolest, most resilient mom I have ever met to date!  she most definitly has been made to have boys...and adorable boys at that! :)
and two, OF COURSE I said yes...who doesn't want to get to hold and photograph a week old newborn?!

nolan is the newest arrival to jamie + stephanie.  I loved getting photograph all the baby fold's, full head of dark hair + cutest littlest feet you will ever see!

luke is the middle man and had me giggling with him all afternoon.  he made over a hundred faces during the shoot and especially loved getting to wrestle around with his super cool older brother. :)

and caden is the oldest and is seriously one cool kid...and probably has the coolest hair I've seen on a little boy in a while. :)  he did great balancing holding nolan - ever so carefully :) - and wrestling w/ luke all while smiling perfectly at the camera...super cool kid. :)


Rachelle said...

These photos are so precious!

elizabeth said...

i love the one with Nolans little face all to the side...babies sleep so hard! Very cool photo shoot!

Sarah- Little Ark Photography said...

oh wrinkly babies with older brothers! melt my heart!!!

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