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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I feel like I've been having a lot of conversations with people about my 2010 so far.  and the constant theme that I feel like I'm telling people is that I am so thankful.  and I am.  not in a gooey, in your face, talk too much about my life, unrealistic kind of a way...but in a quiet constant recognition that these feelings are for no other reason than it pleases the God I love and makes Him smile.  for a while I've felt guilty about this overwhelming feeling of happiness/thankfulness and that I shouldn't talk about it b/c of where other people might be at.  but it came to my attention that I shouldn't be ashamed of that and that I SHOULD be saying where I am at.

I know I will go through seasons of less.
I know I will go through seasons of loss + sadness.
I know that tomorrow I might not feel as strongly about this.

but right now I need to take this blessed feeling I have and be encouraging to others and more importantly, be available to those to help carry burdens of others who aren't feeling that way.  I think God has given me a lot right now to be responsible with a lot...does that make sense?  and this feeling is not to say that I think I've got it all figured out.  cause' I don't.  quite the opposite usually, really.  but for now and for today, the simple knowledge that I cling to is that I know that God has given me a lot.  a relationship with Him, family that I love, friends who I treasure, a house, a job I love, a creative outlet that's unique, I have amazing clients that teach me to open my eyes wider, even the odd soothing rain in arizona this morning reminds me of the blessing that God has given me...there's just so much that I need and should be thankful for.  and I know now that this is something not to be ashamed and quiet about and it's something that God is repeatedly reminding me of.

here's just a few things to start :)


elizabeth said...

man, talk about bringing on the water works...I'm glad you shared that Jen. Because, it made me happy to hear it...because...just because. You have def been encouraging me a lot this year. And I'm thankful God put you in a place to do so.

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