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Saturday, January 16, 2010

"some people like to paint pictures, or do gardening, or build a boat in the basement. other people get a tremendous pleasure out of the kitchen, because cooking is just as creative and imaginative an activity as drawing, or wood carving, or music." - julia child

I had a mini-conversation with one of our barista's the other day about how liberty market is like cheers.  typically this is what happens when you choose to eat there:
1.  you walk in and at least five people say hello to you (by name if you're a regular)
2.  they serve incredible food + beverages
3.  the people that work there treat you like family - conversation/joking/stories.  :)

yes, it's my cheers.

maybe I'm biased since I've worked there for about a year + a half...but it is one of the coolest places to work/eat.  and a lot of the time it doesn't feel like work b/c of the people who I get to work with.  dave is the chef and he is incredibly gifted in the art of making food.  I forget sometimes how good he is until he whips out his apricot chicken's (twice b/c I was late to photograph it) and makes it look super stunning! 

plus, he teaches me things like phrases like "...I'm totally weeded..." or that orzo pasta is spaghetti that's he's personally handchopped into hundreds of little pieces (liar...but I'm sure you laughed hard cause' I believed you!)

then there's kiersten.  my kiersten.  I just love her...she is one of my closest friends in the whole world!  and I'm not sure how to describe her either.  the best way I think I can is to compare her to a hummingbird.  she's super beautiful and animated and one of the fastest fliers in the world (just try and keep up with her walking...sometimes I try to "compete" with her w/out her knowing and I LOSE everytime!)  but if I'm being honest...I think she is the heart of the restaurant...she geniuinely bleeds the restaurant...she loves the people that come in the doors - always thinking of how to serve better and with a servants heart...she loves the staff and considers them her family (yes, some of them are that "crazy uncle" type, but she loves them too!)  she considers the restaurant her ministry and it one see's the prayer and money that quietly goes towards the people that enters it's doors.  you should see how she and dave love each other too...I could write a book with all the "post-it" love notes they give each other and the way they converse and love each other is SO worthy of it's own hilarious chick flick romantic comedy!

then there's all the supporting cast members that I have genuinely grown to love...
joe + cindy - two of the most generous people I have ever known!
teresa  - sassy and a good friend who makes me smile
jamie - one of the most creative + interesting people I've had the pleasure to meet
carylann - salt of the earth and a super hard worker
adrienne - super soft heart and amazing baker and
ms. betty who always calls me " darlin' "

so even though I was only supposed to take the apricot chicken picture for the spanish food magazine...this post turned into a "why I love liberty market, oh so much" post. :)  go there.  you'll like it, I promise. :)

amazing wood-fired pizza's (dave's are the best if he happens to be throwing that night)

liberty is know for it's amazing coffee at the e-61 bar...the only reason I ever consider maybe taking up the habit. :)

made by the beautiful ashley johnston :)

I told you adrienne was the best baker, and she is...are these not adorable?!  and wickedly tasty!

joe is a total wine conessuire...and picks amazing wines to complement dave's dishes!

one of my favorite things about the decor are these old thomas edison light bulbs...super cool.

I love this place. :)


Theresa Hodge said...

I have been missing Liberty since I got to Spain. Guess what, your post just made me miss it more!

Great shots btw. Did you do them all with existing light or did you set some stuff up?


elizabeth said...

ahh, I miss Liberty Market so much! Def a family enjoy. What a beautiful series you have there Jen! Awesome

jen said...

learning ISO and used exisiting light...kinda fun :) miss you friend and keep posting your travels and adventures in spain! :)

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