Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have too many jumbled thoughts today.  maybe it's the dayquil/breezers/excedrin combo. :)  but I feel inspiried today.

life is short.

I'm realizing this more and more. 

what inpsires me?  today it's blogs.  there are about fifty blogs that I follow regularly.  kind-of my own daily magazine reading of sorts. :)  and a couple of them are truly creatively inspiring.  some blog every day about the life they are living.  some are once every week about amazing things they are doing.  some are informative.  some are family oriented.  some are about design.  but it got me thinking about my blog.  what I want to accomplish creatively.  do I want to blog everyday?  do I share too much about myself?  what is it about someone that makes them inspiring?  I don't have a conclusion today.  but I know that the main thing I love about all these blogs that I read is that they're DOING.  doing life.  I want to DO life.  do work my husband always tells's my makeshift list of things I want to do in 2010 (so far and not in order)

1. have a shoot on a train or a trolley.
2. really learn my manual settings.
3. get a fish eye lens.
4. capture a picture of my son scoring a touchdown.
5. add more weddings to my schedule.  I actually enjoy them a lot.
6. paint my cabinets + antique them.
7. finish my license plate bathroom.
8. de clutter my entire I really need it?
9. run a 5k...I'm actually starting to enjoy running if I make it a competition with should see me in action...I always win. ;)
10. put my prints as art on my walls in canvas.
11. learn to knit something other than a scarf.  I knit a wicked scarf.
12. stop biting my nails.  I quit for awhile, but then just stopped.  the trouble is I like biting my nails.  yes, betsy.  parting the waters is something I enjoy. :)
13. update my website.  maybe a new look?  I dunno...gotta think on this one more...
14. learn what it means to brand I need to do this, I wonder?  people talk about this a lot lately...maybe I do?
15. find ten more really cool shoot locations. 
16. to drink more's boring but good for you, I hear.
17. to grow a vegetable garden.  especially tomato's + cucumbers...I like them.
18. to plant my morning glory seeds and hopefully watch them grow.
19. to become better friends with my "girls".
20. be a better friend to my "friends".
21. pray more.  and then some more.
22. to love matt in the way he loves to be loved more...not the way I think he should be loved. :)
23. to blog more :)

twenty three's a good number, no?  it was michael jordan's I'd say yes...I'll probably put more, but at least it's a start.

and it wouldn't be a blogpost without a here I one of my most favorite cities in the world (so far) :)  bring it on 2010.  bring it on. :)


janet said...

Cool photo of you & the kids on Boston Commons really do need to get Maddie to read "Make Way for Ducklings".
Blogs are very interesting...I've found quite a few on birding that I enjoy...gotta' stay away from the fascinating food ones for awhile...they just make me hungry...:(

Kate the Great: said...

I almost made a blog of trying to figure out what I should do with my blog. I haven't figured it out either. I'm always worried to share too much of myself too....and sometimes I write just for myself, so that I can look back and just remember. Life is super short and going way too fast and I don't want to miss anything that might be important. I'll run a 5K with you!...and please just LET me declutter someday for know I'm wierd like that.

elizabeth said...

hmmm, Jen...def need to work on the nail biting thing. I like your list...its fun to be inspired...and to actually do something about that inspiration, thats the toughest thing and what separtes the truly great from kinda great in my opinion. I'm excited for 2010 for you Jen!

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