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Sunday, November 29, 2009

This last thanksgiving was probably one of my most favorite so far.  Family.  Food.  Football.  Friends.  and mostly just living life together.  Matt and I were talking the other day on why we are so blessed.  And the conclusion was we just simply don't know why we are blessed...but God has chosen to bless us in large ways...and I am thankful.

My family.  
My husband is my best friend...literally.  I know a lot of couples where this is just not so...and I am entirely thankful for him.  He is everything and nothing like me and constantly challenges me to be more of who God intended me to be.  He makes me laugh the hardest, love the deepest and live the fullest...and I just love him!
My kids.  Ah, my kids.  They are my joy!  Micah and Maddie bring the color into my life and I am truly thankful for them.
My extended family.  My mom and I were just sitting and talking the other day about how well our family gets along and it seems to get better every year...I know it's rare to have some of your closest friends be a part of your immediate family!

My "other" family.
Our church is simply our "other" family...our "knit through Jesus" family...and I LOVE them.  These are the people that share the same journey that Matt and I are on.  These are the people who bleed the same stuff that Matt and I do.  These are the people who have voluntarily signed up to be our family even though they are not blood family...and I love them.  I love worshipping with them.  I love learning new truth's about our God with them.  I love celebrating, laughing, crying, and living with them.  I just love them!

All the other wonderful blessings.  our house.  our cars.  our comfortable life.  kreatid.  jobs.  getting to do what you love.  our many things to be thankful for on this 100th post of mine. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!
Here are some of the pic's from my kids shoot...enjoy! :)

I love that they love each other for real :)

a lot of you have asked where I got this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. tutu and my super talented girlfriend Lisa @ make and sells them...this one was custom and she did a fabulous job - thanks Lisa!

I love this boy that brings me joy and the fact that he tolerates me. :)

no more pictures mommy! :)


Kathe said...

Jen...we are thankful for you also! I in particular am thankful that you share him with all these teenagers! You guys are such a blessing and we are so lucky to have you pouring God's love into the youth at EVBC! Thanks for your dedication. We know it is not always (or ever) easy! You guys are our thanks list! :)

Kate the Great: said...

Love these pictures! The tutu is so fun....and Micah looks so sophisticated and adorable. Love the toothless smile on Maddie too!

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