drumroll...we have a winner! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wow!  a lot of unique guesses! 

"maddie is eating cheetos."
"deary spaniel bassett I love you so much."
"dear aspen illinois bakery. I love you so much."
"i love micah driesbach so."
"maddie is Christopher."
"driesbach, I love you so much."

plus, more...I suppose this contest was more for my amusement than yours? :)

but the winner is Kathe Pearman who guessed correctly!
the first one was:
"maddie is trying to sleep."
and the second one was:
"dear special blankey, I love you so much."

she wins the grand prize of a mini-headshot photo shoot complete with an 8x10!

congratulations, kathe and great guesses everyone!


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