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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this is for any of you that have older sisters...and those older sisters have really cool friends...the kind of friends that let you stay in their sleeping bags at an only big girl sleepover...only you will understand why I loved this shoot so much! 

nicole was that cool older sister's friend to me growing up...so I loved getting to photograph her and her amazing family!  obviously she is going to have a beautiful family b/c of how stunning she is...her little girls are rays of sunshine...grace being the hilarious diva and maddie being the quieter beauty of a girl.  nicole's husband drew gets the "coolest" award of the weekend...who else drives three hours to meet up with a photographer he's never even heard of...yes, I said THREE HOURS!  and their son caleb was such a personable, total "ham" of a kid...seriously funny with millions of faces he loved to pull out throughout the shoot...this family seriously made me laugh a ton and simply capped off the day with a huge smile...

thanks drew + nicole!

seriously beautiful girls...LOVED their headbands - butterflies and flowers!

this boy is simply hilarious! :)

this was my favorite of the three kids! :)

is it wrong to be jealous of a little girls dimples...cause I am...too sweet of a girl. :)

I love that she gave me a huge hug before I left!  loved taking your pictures grace!


Beth said...

Nice blog with nice pictures and seriously the girls are beautiful..LOVED their headbands - butterflies and flowers! Iflorist.co.uk

Nicole said...

Ahhhh...Jenny. You are too sweet about my little monkey's. :) We had a blast, and you are amazing at what you do. Eventhough you are all grown-up, you will always be the little girl with glasses to me!! And I'll always want to call you JENNY!

Kate the Great: said...

These are great!! Always brings a little tear to my eye seeing Nicole's sparkly blue eyes in all three of her kids. Everyone all looked gorgeous!!

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