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Saturday, April 04, 2009

so this weekend I got to take courtney out for her senior pictures...this a girl near and dear to my heart! she helped me practically raise micah and maddie in their early years and it was SUPER sweet for me to be able to see the finished product of her high school years...this is a girl that can seriously hold her own in life...she's studying to be a fire fighter with a focus on the medical side of it...she can shoot a gun just a good as any guy her age and is one of the most stunningly beautiful girls I know! I can not wait to see what huge things God has in store for her and am SO privelaged to have gotten to take these pictures!

unique, one-of-a-kind her!

it was downtown phoenix so we had somewhat of an audience at times...a lot of people whistling, and for good reason!

oh, yes...she's going to be a firefighter...and I'm sure I know a couple of guys who would start a fire just to have her show up!

the wind was something else this day...the kind of day that you really just have to roll with it...and courtney did AMAZING!

my personal favorite...beautiful, beautiful girl :)


LISA said...

Wow, Jen - these are awesome! Courtney is gorgeous!!!

jen said...

yeah...she kinda is a mini-barbie doll :) super easy to shoot, spite of crazy wind! :) but thank you!

Caroline :) said...

I LOVE IT!!! You truly are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Jen you really have a talent! I talked to my mom and showed her the pictures you took and she wants you to do my senior photos. Haha :)

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