bryce, debbie, logan + cameron!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I had a super fun + busy afternoon with bryce, debbie + the boys this last saturday! The boys are SO full of life and literally speed! Which is surprising considering that Logan just got his cast off two weeks ago...just proves that determination will always win over pain! Thank you SO much for letting me capture these!

Logan's "catch me if you can" look...TOO cute!

Debbie was super smart for bringing bubbles! Cameron loved them for a little bit, at least!

brothers...too sweet...

Debbie wins the award for most active mom! And for looking the best while keeping up with the boys! seriously pretty lady!

and Bryce wins the award for most kid catches in a row...great workout!

when I look at pictures like this, I always imagine what they will be like when they're 18 + 16...too cute of boys now...going to be heartbreakers one day!


LISA said...

These are great, Jen! They came to our house after the shoot & they were all exhausted - but I see that it was totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love how you captured all the joy they share as a family! Wonderful are definately gifted Jen! So when are you coing to CO - we want a turn!! And we have fun things to work with - like snow!!! I know it's very tempting!!!

jen said...

it actually is :) I will come when my sister moves back to the springs and you will be one of the first I call to take pictures of :) thanks for the encouragement!

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