Friday, January 02, 2009

because I've been sick, I've had a lot of time to edit photos and find old are some more shots I took in my hometown St. Charles, IL

my hometown theatre...classic :)

I think I will always love railroad tracks...don't know why...maybe it signifies adventure, but I love them!

maddie moo showing off her climbing abilities...

my boy who brings me joy on one of his favorite spots...a football field...funny enough, this used to be one of the most favorite fields of matt's for soccer growing up.

my beautiful girl...LOVE her :)

the many faces of eliana...too cute and easy to shoot!

REALLY blue eyes...rivals micah's!

NO WAY! cutie patootie :) yes ms. e...I said it :)

aunt dawn is always a favorite to hang on to :)


one of my most favorites spots...a really old local graveyard that dates back to the 1700's...crazy cool history there...I love that these represent someones life... they breathed. they cried. they had love stories...I LOVE graveyards...

my handsome nephew...loved that football! :)

sometimes you just need wide open spaces...I will forever call this place home.


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