live for eternity.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a lot of you ask me why it is that I love to shoot high school seniors as much as I do.
this session is an amazing example of why.
these four.
you can't help but wish you were a part of this group. :)
yes, they're beyond fashionable.
yes, they're unbelievably hilarious to get to watch interact with each other...especially when they dance. ;)
yes, they're all ridiculously smart and talented...dancers, valedictorian's and all-state soccer stars. yeah, I know. :)
but the coolest thing about these four?
the seriously old wise wall says it:
"live for eternity, live for Jesus."
they believe it in their core.
it's who they are.
it's in their confidence...their swagger - if you will. :)
it permeates everything they say to each other, how they lift each other up, how they love each other.

yup, these four are something to sit back at and smile at.
four beautiful young ladies.
four beautiful young ladies that no matter what life throws at them,
I have confidence that they will have each others back. :)


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