being real

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I said it earlier this week...well actually, ms. leibovitz said it first:
"when I say I want to photograph you, I'm saying I want to know you."
and with this family, it's true.
my first ever clients almost four years ago...
she encouraged me like no one else in the very beginning and to her I will forever be grateful. :)
I've seen the littlest three since diapers...
and getting to watch all five of their personalities evolve has been nothing short of a privilege.
you have a leader, a see-er of the details, a thinker, a daredevil and a little princess...and I can't wait to see them continue to grow and figure out how to find their place in this beautiful family...seriously cool kids. :)

one of my favorite things to do in photographing kids is simply letting them be themselves...
yes, you need to draw them out and position yourself to find the best angle...
but watching them simply be themselves is one of my favorite things to get to experience at a family session.
the parents tend to apologize for the "craziness" and "drama"...but honestly, I think that is what makes the best pictures.
real smiles.
real laughs.
real tears.
the real dramatic you...makes for the best photographs.
and these people let me see the real them...over and over again.
and I love it.

yup, drama.
I love it. :)


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