Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I think that's the attribute that I like the most about her.
yes, she is gorgeous.
yes, she gets to own the title homecoming queen. (and she is going to LOVE that I put that in there!) ;)
yes, she has unbelievable fashion sense.
but it's that attribute of being unique that makes me smile & love this girl.
she's witty.
she doesn't take herself too seriously.
she's able to laugh at nearly anything.
she's smart.
she's an aspiring videographer/photographer. (and a nikon lover, too!  win!)
she has a big heart for being loved by Jesus and in return to love others in a big way.
yup, I like this girl.
this most interesting & unique girl.
what an absolute pleasure to have gotten to spend the afternoon with her. :)


PIXbyemily said...

i'm not sure what paints her in the prettier light, your words OR your images. all arough gorgeous post.

PIXbyemily said...

^around (oops)

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