black and white

Saturday, April 14, 2012

this session has been six years in waiting for me.
now granted her session had the unexpected giant bug on the wild cows nose, and the national geographic sound effect noises, and two s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. crazy old men in the middle of nowhere!
but somehow these funny memories of your session only add to the six years I have of memories of watching you grow up...

six years of watching you grow from a beautiful young girl into a most fashionable lady.
and quite the lady this girl is...
I always tell her that my favorite character trait of hers is her ability to look at life in black and white.
she's never been afraid to tell things as she see's them, she's strong...independent and clever...almost TOO clever. ;)
oddly enough, the other thing that makes me smile most about her is one of the only things about her that doesn't match up to her black and white take on just doesn't match the classy fashionista she is to me...
she has the weirdest obsession with justin beiber. (oh yeah, I said that.) ;)
to each their own, I suppose?  but it still makes me smile, nonetheless. :)

love you, lex...I really, really do.
up, down, high, low...I wouldn't trade these six years for anything.
you challenge me to look deeper, to love much more and to never quit.
yup, I love you and thank you for letting me spend this afternoon with you...'re simply stunning. :)


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