Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I like this girl.
A LOT. :)
yes, she looks like a barbie doll.
yes, she's a crazy cool dancer.
yes, she laughs.  A LOT.
     and it makes me laugh.  A LOT.
but she's more than just that...
she has a beautiful heart that's been flicked and stretched a lot lately...
and she dreams...dreams big.
and she is one of the few people who understand that when
you mix beautiful music and breathtaking movement you get something absolutely magic.
I think that I like that the most about her...her ability to feel and notice magic. :)
I've been waiting to announce this and she is the perfect one to debut this with...
kreatid is taking on a new venture...
yup, a venture that mixes beautiful music & creative videography that equals:

kreatid [films]

*I totally just held my breath when I typed that out* :)

I COULD NOT be happier|excited|elated|everything else that goes with my spazzy excitement!
the main focus is to create a short mini-story of your [unique] session
all while being completely shot simultaneously during the length of your session!
my thinking behind it was that I wanted it to encapsulate this closing of this important chapter of life in a unique way...
your personality, your swagger, okay, lets be honest - your goofiness...
add music to it and I think we have magic. :)
its just another way to add to your already [unique] session that you then can share with friends/family...
you'll be seeing a few more of these over the next couple weeks
and for those of you who have already scheduled your [unique] sessions,
let me know know if you'd like to add it to your session...
I'm having a special introductory price only through the end of may!
so get signed up! :)
and a HUGE thank you to lauren, for being the FIRST of many kreatid [film]'s :)


kiersten said...

WAHOO!!!! Look at you BRANCHING OUT!!!! SO PRoud of you! We're signing up.....but don't know when we'll need you!!! ;)


Cali McCullough said...

Well, I just love this.

RBCharis said...

Beautiful. Big Congratulations on such a fun, new step.

PIXbyemily said...

stunning. NOT SO suprising. uber kreat-ive. dont' stop jen.

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