favorites and turquoise. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

God knew I could not be trusted with a name like hers.
if I had a name as cool as hers, I'd be the crazy one in the corner saying things like
"yees, you can juust call me, kat."
and then, thinking I'm cooler than I am, I'd unfortunately add a "rawr." at the end of my greeting.
yup, CAN. NOT. BE. TRUSTED. with a cool name like katya.
[smart move with naming me jennifer, mom. :)]

BUT I did get to hang out with this cool chick and her seriously cute mom for a beautiful afternoon!
my favorites was the complete trust as I told her to:
  *twirl like a princess (yup, got a "are you kidding me look" for that one)
  *cross and then sit in the middle of highway 60 (got a "are you kidding me look" from mom on that one) :)
  *encourage out her "fierce-ness" ("her dad is going to kill you, but wow! she looks good!" from mom)
BUT my all-time favorite was when she opened up the back of her car
     and pulled out the most a.w.e.s.o.m.e. shoes I've seen first hand in a while.
        turquoise. blue. wedge. open-toed. booties.
           and then she shyly says to me "I was told you would like these?"
um, understatement.  total understatement. :)
I'm not sure how shoes can bring out a girls eyes, but these did and do!
I'm not oblivious to the fact that there are probably other gorgeous russian girls out there with
brown hair, black hair or even beautiful red hair,
but my first experience in getting to photograph this beautiful girl will forever have me thinking
that this country is filled with beautiful long blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes girls
and that they all have an amazing ability to craft perfect cat eye make up
    (I know! and her name is kat-ya! I told you, not-to-be-trusted.) :)
as a bonus to this beautiful girl, on the drive back,
I got to learn a bit more about her mom and dad's dating story...only adding fuel to my optimistic romantic side.
seriously, SUCH a fun session!
thank you katya & lori! :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I like this girl.
A LOT. :)
yes, she looks like a barbie doll.
yes, she's a crazy cool dancer.
yes, she laughs.  A LOT.
     and it makes me laugh.  A LOT.
but she's more than just that...
she has a beautiful heart that's been flicked and stretched a lot lately...
and she dreams...dreams big.
and she is one of the few people who understand that when
you mix beautiful music and breathtaking movement you get something absolutely magic.
I think that I like that the most about her...her ability to feel and notice magic. :)
I've been waiting to announce this and she is the perfect one to debut this with...
kreatid is taking on a new venture...
yup, a venture that mixes beautiful music & creative videography that equals:

kreatid [films]

*I totally just held my breath when I typed that out* :)

I COULD NOT be happier|excited|elated|everything else that goes with my spazzy excitement!
the main focus is to create a short mini-story of your [unique] session
all while being completely shot simultaneously during the length of your session!
my thinking behind it was that I wanted it to encapsulate this closing of this important chapter of life in a unique way...
your personality, your swagger, okay, lets be honest - your goofiness...
add music to it and I think we have magic. :)
its just another way to add to your already [unique] session that you then can share with friends/family...
you'll be seeing a few more of these over the next couple weeks
and for those of you who have already scheduled your [unique] sessions,
let me know know if you'd like to add it to your session...
I'm having a special introductory price only through the end of may!
so get signed up! :)
and a HUGE thank you to lauren, for being the FIRST of many kreatid [film]'s :)

the ninety ten rule

Monday, February 20, 2012

"...the secret of the perfect first kiss is to go ninety percent of the way...then hold...

                                                                                                                   ...she'll come the other ten percent." :)

Photo Challenge Submission

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Monday, February 13, 2012

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Saturday, February 04, 2012